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Sajan Nair

Founder, Agaamin Technologies

Sajan Nair is a trailblazing entrepreneur, known for his innovative leadership as the Founder and CEO of Aagamin Technologies. With a profound vision for the future of the internet, Sajan has pioneered the development of Aagamin as a Smart Name Registry built on Handshake, revolutionizing online identities in the Web3 era.

As the driving force behind Aagamin Technologies, Sajan envisions a digital landscape where individuals have a singular, universal identity on the internet. Smart Names, the cornerstone of Aagamin’s offering, serve as a comprehensive solution – functioning as domain names, email addresses, UPI IDs, crypto addresses, universal sign-ons for apps, and even as identities in the metaverse. This groundbreaking approach provides users the simplicity of a single unique name across various digital platforms.