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HNS Rings Guidelines

Purpose / Vision Statement

To bring together good people in the HNS and true decentralized internet, together.

Finding A HNS Ring In Your City

Search twitter with hashtag #hnsrings and your location

Opening up Your City

Application Process

What we are looking for – pure intent to help build and foster a local community for Handshake and the decentralized web at large.

Fill out the form here, at

Preparing For The Monthly Meetup

  • Find location
  • Posters – the headquarters will need the location and any other terms, and photos, to make a poster for you.
  • Airmeet
  • (Bonus) SWAG – making your own, or having the community mail some to you for your meetup.

(Developing) Monthly Global Themes

As we are building this out, various parties in the ecosystem are suggesting each HNS ring around the world is themed around a topic or issue to discuss.

This can be a powerful way to “crowdsource” ideas and solutions to overcome the obstacle at large.

Moderating & Hosting the Meetup Event

Option A: Networking / Roundtable

This is the most simple and common way to do it – NO STRESS. Just find a venue that supports the #hnsfam to come and hang out, buy your own drinks / food, and network.

Bonus points if you can get a drink special or % off the bar.

Option B: Speaker sharing

If you are confident you can get a crowd and have experience running events and meetups, then a speaker sharing session may be in line. We can assist you with streaming it online via Airmeet like we have done for Austin, Texas meetup (shout out to Nole from Hey TX!)

For the first few rings you organize, we advise sticking to a simple meetup and networking until you get traction and an audience.

Option C: Pitch Event

This is an idea brought up a few times – but to have different startups in the HNS and dweb ecosystem be able to share their idea to you and the community at large (online via Airmeet).

This could be 1 startup, or could be a lineup of startups. This concept is still developing and we are open to your feedback.

Post Event – Share Photos / Videos / Writeups

As much as you can share about what happened at your ring to the public, the better.

Headquarters can also help post on websites and share to the community.

About Handshake Rings

Exploring the World of Handshake Rings

Rings are powerful groups of HNS and dweb enthusiasts who meet in local areas on a regular basis. They have the important job to ensure the next wave of the internet is free and open, and discuss important matters as well as socialize and building up stronger relationships.
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More Info

You can BROWSE Handshake Mercenary with - but to signup / login / post - you need to use an HNS resolver

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